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Belong to the Skin You’re In is a two-day immersive and dynamic group workshop about building a system of inner-intimacy in order to expand beyond ourselves. It weaves physical movement, community and connection, music and creativity, visualizations and worksheets to give us multiple access points of self understanding. We use this understanding to expand intentionally.

Imagine this:

A day that begins with breath work and physical movement - this gets us to land deeper into our bodies. We evaluate our entry point into the day. Then, a musician steps out, sings about her story of belonging, of self-understanding. Music gives us access to places where words can't go - we sit in contemplation of what has opened. Then we go into a session focused on rituals of inner-intimacy, on understanding the self, on self acceptance - enabling us to come home to ourselves. More physical movement. More visualizations. Then a spoken word poet tells his story, bringing us into depths of his world. By the second day, we journey into expansion - how to transcend our stories; to see the multitude of stories that exists in us. Guided shamanic journeying gives us deeper access to inner guidance, hopes and dreams; access to versions of us we could never before imagine. Then, a dancer steps up and interprets a dance with spirit - showing us how to co-create a life which inspires us. The day ends with sharing our own stories, being known, seen and in the presence of fellow pioneers into the land of self. We leave with a richer sense of purpose, a deeper system of inner-intimacy, a roadmap for authentic outer expansion and kin to support our ongoing journey.

Ready to build it?

This is a calling: for conscious collaborators from around the world who believe in this vision and are ready to build it.

  • From retreat centers to community centers, anywhere in the world - to serve as a home for this

  • Middle schools and high schools - who are ready to showcase an abridged version of this

  • Artists of all kinds who want to bring this philosophy to life - anywhere in the world

  • I will bring the curriculum around landing and expansion and the rest, we co-create based on the artists, the space, the time and what feels right.

  • Contact Sohail Coelho for inquiries and listen to the audio above for more information.

"Now more than ever, we must come home to the only home we will truly every know. And that is the home we create inside ourselves."

-Sohail Coelho