Expansionism is a claiming of all that you are, were and will ever be. It's an understanding that every part of you belongs in the story of you. And that you are an ever-expanding expression of life itself. There's no perfectionism and shame which dis-members you or disowns aspects which do not fit into an ideal. It is a full integration of the totality of you, a cellular understanding of your boundless nature, and a deep understanding of the limitless field of pure potential which we all live in. Expansionism espouses the path of experience and play as fundamental to self-realization. That your purpose on this planet is to understand yourself, express yourself and continuously expand the concept of you through inspired action and introspection. 




For all sessions whether 1-1 or group, we use this framework developed by Sohail to expand our concept of who we are. This is about understanding all the aspects of self we have separated ourselves from and then pulling it all together into a more cohesive and expansive understanding of who we are. From here, we can grow intentionally, as whole beings. See all classes for individuals.