Sohail Coelho



Tina S, Designer/Artist | Portland, OR

“The impact that Sohail has made on me as a teacher has profoundly shifted the way I approach my artistic practice towards a more authentic and creatively fulfilling life. Prior to meeting Sohail, I was a blocked artist unsure of who I was and what I wanted to express. My creative practice suffered tremendously, and so did I. Sohail came into my life during a pivotal time, and he guided me from the very first session we had together. He helped tap into aspects of myself that were suppressed—aspects that were necessary to cultivate honest creativity. Through various workshops, exercises, and sessions over the course of 2+ years, I have gained a better understanding of how to nurture my subconscious self and discovered better ways to express myself as an artist. Now, I’ve launched my own artistic practice, debuted my work in a gallery for the first time, and continuing to build upon my artistic voice all while engaging my local and global community along the way. Anyone who gets the privilege to work with Sohail as their creative teacher will expand beyond measure, and live a much more creatively fulfilling life. His gift is priceless.”

david, 38, biotech entrepreneur | San Jose, CA

"I've spent so many years identifying the purpose, values, and strategies for new businesses, but I never took the time to do so for myself. After completing the Life Design program, I now feel that I am living in a much more complete and purposeful way. From a practical standpoint, Sohail helped me chart out the qualities which I most seek to nurture and develop - with a very tactical plan to do so. In a much bigger way, however, he introduced me to tools enabling me to be more present and take joy from each moment of the day, more boldly live as my authentic self, and most importantly, experience a much greater level of intimacy with family, friends, and everyone I meet. Life Design has been life altering for me.”

Steve D, VP Creative | San Diego, CA

“Sohail guided and taught me how to perform my job to the fullest of my potential. He expanded my capacity beyond the moment and understand how to unlock my own creativity to empower and inspire not only my team of 70 designers, but an entire office of creative problem solvers. He mentored me to to see the entirety of the problem and find the insights to unlock visionary thinking and creativity. His partnership and impact on myself was immense. From guided sessions that allowed my to fully identify my challenges and path forward, to collaborative work sessions that brought clarity and strategic vision to the task I was taking on. His impact on the company was unprecedented. He was a visionary thinker that evolved an entire company from being reactive to personal growth, to a company whose vision was to invest in human growth with a clear and detailed path for career advancement. He is uniquely talented because of his ability to quickly understand a situation and find the right way forward. He works with you to come to your own conclusion, however he knew the path forward in the first 5 minutes. He is truly a one-of-a-kind creative coach, leader, friend and human being. I miss working alongside him everyday.”

wendy, 29, PR Exec | NYC

"My sessions with Sohail made me realize that I was living parts of my life on auto pilot. I was trying to fit into this mold that my family and society designed for me, and I was miserable trying to keep up with everyone else's dream for what MY life should be. Sohail helped me identify my true passions, list realistic goals on how to pursue them and go out there and just do it. Sohail's experience and his understanding of the world, people, and human nature make him the ultimate life coach. LifeDesign was truly an amazing process!"


jessie, 36, mother, marketing consultant | Boston, mA

"I've had the opportunity and honor of taking Sohail's Life Design course. The course and the time with Sohail have been trans-formative for me. While I went into the course a little skeptical--what could I possible learn about myself that I haven't already discovered in the last 38 years?--I find that with each exercise I have a deeper awareness and appreciation for myself, the people in my life, and all the beauty life has to offer. Wherever you find yourself in life, I encourage you to take the course, do the work, and spend the time with the incredibly gifted human being, Sohail. " 

Luke, 37, finance | NYC 

"I worked directly with Sohail for 5 years and saw first hand the results he achieves through bringing creative brilliance to a process that works. He is bottom-line oriented, organized and will make an impact quickly. I would highly recommend Sohail to any company or person looking for breakthrough ideas."

michael, 23, real estate | NyC

"Sohail's Life Design program enabled me to take a positive and fresh paradigm on my social life and career.It helped me to recognize that all of my qualities are strengths and can work towards my benefit, where initially I perceived several as weaknesses.Before this course I was afraid to fail. Now I see that the real failure is the fear of not taking a risk.This unique program helped me realize that society can hinder your talents. Revealing these buried strengths and using them has never been more rewarding."


Hanh, 42, interior designer | Maplewood, NJ

"I wanted more, but didn't know what I wanted or how the hell I was going to get there. Sohail was amazing at processing my scattered thoughts, sifting through the layers and layers of my mucky past, confronting/understanding them, extracting the essential information, and uncovering truth at its core... essentially, I found my "true-self" and learned why I was constantly feeling "stuck". Now, I know what I want to move towards and have the tools to keep me moving forward. I am grateful that I took the step of fulfill the "more" and I have Sohail to thank for this wonderful new insight and outlook. I cannot recommend Sohail enough. He has a true talent connecting with people and being able to reveal our true potential in each one of us and providing us a clear map to reach our ultimate goal.".

sunil, 44, Tech Consulting | Winnipeg, CAnada

"I have had the honor to work with Sohail and then to become inspired by his unique wisdom and view on life. By sharing his knowledge with me, he has helped me to open my eyes to realize what is truly important. He has an innate ability to weed through all of the fog and ask those questions causing you to take a step back and think about the path you are and how it differs from the one you really ought to be on. Sohail is a gifted individual, an amazing coach and a wise teacher. Anyone choosing to engage in Life Design with him will definitely be better for it."

Ron, 55, Healer/teacher | NYC

"I want to convey what a wonderful experience I had working with Sohail on the re-structuring of my website. He was clear, consistent and communicative.His ideas were spot on and made the experience and the look of the website so much more effective than it had been. I highly recommend working with Sohail... he is a rare individual."

I am ready.png

Marie, 36, Marketing | Stanford, CT

"Shortly after embarking on this program with Sohail, I began to discover and prioritize what is truly important to me. I reconnected with my creativity in a powerful way, after having been dormant for many years, helping me to value and recognize the beauty of my own gifts. Together, Sohail and I created a vision of what I would like my life to look like, and created practical steps to take towards my vision. Sohail is a gifted teacher who can help you tune into the real you and the life your soul is craving. I highly recommend this fun and powerful process!"


Marc, 46, Tech consulting | Winnipeg, Canada

"Sohail is incredibly brilliant at taking abstract ideas, chaos, and bringing them together form a logical structured solution. His passion for achieving that success is unparalleled."

Laurel, 37, Marketing | Portland, OR

“Sohail was the catalyst for the next phase of Instrument —Human Development. His bold beliefs that the health of our agency and projects were directly correlated to the health of the humans within the walls of Instrument, was a pivotal shift and directly influenced the agency’s next phase of growth. His approach to Human Development was supported by his ability to articulate and craft actionable change through curriculum, discipline mentoring and 1:1 teaching-—and was like nothing I had ever seen before in creative leadership. During this time I was also personally mentored by Sohail, the influence that he had to my leadership approach for supporting and growing my own discipline/team reshaped me. The impacts of his mentorship has grown my relationships with clients, the health of my team and I continue to practice his mindful teachings daily. Sohail is a catalyst of change. His unique perspective, world experience and varied background is unmatched. His meaningful, thoughtful and impactful presence is missed here in Portland. He is a treasure and anyone working with him will be truly transformed by his greatness.”