An 8-hour journey into self that begins to answer the timeliness question, "Who am I?" Using the Life Design framework, developed by Sohail Coelho and successfully tested in workshops in New York City and Portland, OR, USA, we uncover many hidden aspects of ourselves. Powerful written exercises, music, light movement, and guided shamanic visualizations give us numerous ways to understand ourselves and expand our concept of who we are as spirit-integrated, dynamic, layered beings. This is a grounded and tested approach to identity expansion.

Program for the day is listed below.

  • Part 1: 10-11:30h - Stillness Progression, opening movement, and claiming the Known Self - the parts of us we know, we love, derive power from and that we experience on a regular basis.

  • Part 2: 11:30-13:00h -Heartspace meditation, meeting our inner child, and connecting to aspects of ourselves that our childhood/culture/environment edited in us. We learn about the Society-Hidden Self.

  • Lunch: 13:00h-14:00h - Not Included. Dock 11 Eden has a cafe with light food/salads and numerous options in the neighborhood.

  • Part 3: 14:00h-15:30h You-Hidden Self: As humans, we have both light and shadow - parts of us that are strong and parts of us that we consider weak - our insecurities, or our perceived inner failings. Here, we understand them, see their gifts, understand the power of shame and self acceptance and ultimately learn that it is those beautiful “failings” that make us whole humans.

  • Part 4: 15:30-17:00h - Fear-Hidden You: A natural part of life is fear and at times, it is helpful. But fear hides part of ourselves that are waiting to come out. Here, we understand the origins of our fear, the role it plays in our life, and which aspects of self are on the other side of it.

  • Part 5: 17:00-18:00h - Integration & Origin Spirit: We take all the aspects of ourselves we have uncovered throughout the day and unify it into a cohesive and expansive understanding of who we are. We discuss the concept of origin spirit and the role of spirituality in our lives. We learn how to live from this expanded state.

  • Part 6: 18:00-19:00h - Living from this expanded state. We learn about Life Designs, a spirit of experimentation and how to flow with life.

Worksheets will be provided. Please bring a notebook and a pen. Comfortable clothes for light movement is preferred. Short breaks will be taken throughout the day as the group needs them.


  • Date: December 15, 2018, 10h - 19h

  • Space is limited to 12-14 participants

  • Registration ahead of time is required

    • Email hello@sohailcoelho.com or use the form below for questions or to reserve your space

  • Payment via Bank Transfer is required at time of booking. Details provided via email

    • Early Bird Rate: €90 if registered by Nov 30

    • Standard Rate: €110 by Dec 14

  • Location: Dock 11 EDEN*** - Breite Strasse, 43 Pankow Berlin

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wendy, 29, PR Exec | NYC

"My sessions with Sohail made me realize that I was living parts of my life on auto pilot. I was trying to fit into this mold that my family and society designed for me, and I was miserable trying to keep up with everyone else's dream for what MY life should be. Sohail helped me identify my true passions, list realistic goals on how to pursue them and go out there and just do it. Sohail's experience and his understanding of the world, people, and human nature make him the ultimate life coach. LifeDesign was truly an amazing process!"

david, 38, biotech entrepreneur | San Jose, CA

"I've spent so many years identifying the purpose, values, and strategies for new businesses, but I never took the time to do so for myself. After completing the Life Design program, I now feel that I am living in a much more complete and purposeful way. From a practical standpoint, Sohail helped me chart out the qualities which I most seek to nurture and develop - with a very tactical plan to do so. In a much bigger way, however, he introduced me to tools enabling me to be more present and take joy from each moment of the day, more boldly live as my authentic self, and most importantly, experience a much greater level of intimacy with family, friends, and everyone I meet. Life Design has been life altering for me.”

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Date: December 15, 2018, 10h - 19h

Early Bird Rate: €90 if registered by Nov 30

Standard Rate: €110 by Dec 14

Space Limited to 12-14 participants

Location: Dock 11 EDEN*** - Breite Strasse, 43 Pankow Berlin