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Executive coach, speaker, healer, artist, adventurer and innovator. I’ve helped people and companies transform into more potent versions of themselves. I mix business strategy, creativity and human nature understanding into grounded approaches for human-centric transformation. My business life began in New York City across creative agencies like Digitas and Fortune 100 companies like American Express. In 2010, I left business to uncover a deeper understanding of myself and spent years traveling around the world, experimenting with new forms of creativity and building a business around personal and executive coaching. From NYC, I moved to Portland, OR where I built a system of human development at an innovation studio called Instrument. Check LinkedIn for all the nitty gritty details. I understand what it takes to succeed in business but more notably, I understand how to use work as a key pathway to both expand ourselves and experience the uniqueness of who we are. I believe in leadership development that focuses on the whole human. I’ve developed a model called Regenerative Leadership that’s all about long-term sustainable impact and joy. I’ve taught 1-1 and group workshops on everything from Influence, Creativity, Leadership to Identity Expansion. I’ve study spirituality in many forms: esotericism, coaching, Pranic healing, Reconnective healing, Buddhism, Shamanism, Kaballah, Astrology and am a Reiki master. I believe in the alchemy of business, creativity and spirituality to make something important for the modern world.

Working Together

I am currently based between Berlin, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. But that beautiful thing called the internet means I can do video sessions and organizational consulting initiatives from around the world. For 1-1 work, speaking engagements, workshops or consulting, message me at hello@sohailcoelho.com or use the contact form.

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