Spiritual Wisdom for a Modern Age

Drunk on Spirit offers a fresh take on spirituality to make life better, every damn day. My name is Sohail Coelho, artist, healer, coach, hedonist and adventurer. I'll definitely laugh, maybe cry, and just generally share way too much information that will make my parents cringe. I want to evolve how we perceive spirituality. Away from spiritual perfectionism that suffocates our choices towards a knowing of your spiritual origin and that when you surrender to it, life gets richer. This podcast will cover how to see everything as spiritual, to free ourselves to play in life, to reinterpret spirituality, to understand our limitless nature, to navigate challenges like self-doubt and loneliness, to flow through life transitions, to adventure, to deepen relationships, and to juice the hell out of life.

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Episode 001: I’m Drunk on Spirit, You can be too

In this first episode, learn about who I am and how I interpret spirituality. You see for me, Spirituality isn’t a convenient moral compass or code that gives you all the rules with which to reach nirvana or heaven or whatever. It’s so much more than that. It’s a perspective that asks you to know yourself differently and empowers you to make your own choices, fuckup, win and most notably to learn from everything in between. I’ll cover juicy things like reincarnation, past-lives, why feeling the feels is so important, how spirituality can help with self-worth and belonging, and how to free yourself to play life on your terms. Kick back relax and have a listen.


Episode 002: My Experience with Loneliness

A personal story of my experience with the feeling of loneliness and how a lifetime of battling it has finally transformed into something deeper. I’ll cover how a broader spiritual perspective helps to understand the experience of loneliness, how the mind tries to turn it into a story and eventually an identity, and how the heart can offer you a pathway out of it into a deeper state of union. I hope my story offers some perspectives with which to enhance your own relationship with that feeling and maybe connect us into a shared experience of unity. Enjoy.


Episode 003: On Travel & Identity Expansion

What if aspects of you were lodged in different parts of the world and you had to follow your heart, go to those places and put yourself back together? In this episode, I talk about travel and adventure and how it’s not just a cultural experience or holiday but a pathway to dramatically expanding your concept of who you are. Join me on this journey around the world, from climbing Kilimanjaro to the jungles of the Amazon to see how land has the power to put the humpty dumpties that we are, back together again.


Episode 004: Mountain-side Chat on Self Confidence

From a bird-filled park in Barcelona, this episode on confidence was born. It’s all about redefining how we think about confidence, how to uncover the natural confidence that exists in us, how identity expansion and identity innovation are directly linked to confidence and how a spirit of experimentation can enable deeper confidence. And if that none of that interests you, perhaps that epic bird sounds in that park, will. Enjoy.


Episode 005: Beachside Chat on Friendships and Intimacy

On a particularly warm day in February, I went to a beach near Barcelona and with the gentle sound of the waves, I recorded this episode. I talk of friendships, being open, allowing friends and partners to see and know more of us, how to deepen intimacy and how to work with and understand rejection. Hope you enjoy this more informal beach blanket style episode.


Episode 006: get Unstuck and Flow

Sitting by the Salmon River near Portland, Oregon, USA - I talk of the challenge of feeling stuck in life and how to transform it and flow. For me, stuck is more a mental concept than anything else. Our minds think we are not progressing, but life is always moving forward, there is no stasis. This episode covers how to see ourselves as empowered creators of our own reality, how to re-contextualize a phase of life when the outer world moves slower and how to free ourselves to flow, one baby step at a time. 


Episode 007: Self-Love is an act of war

You have to fight my friends, against everything inside of you and outside of you that’s going to tell you that who you are, as you are, is not good enough, is not lovable. We take on these codes of lovability from our ancestry, our parents, our culture and then we embed them deep into our psyches. We attack ourselves when we fail to measure up, but this pattern doesn't have to ensure. This episode shows us how to win the war where the final prize is our own self-love. 


Episode 008: Uncover Your Passions in Life

Where do passions originate? What are true soul passions versus more transitory base passions? How do you uncover what you really care about in life that bring you both pleasure and a deep sense of purpose. How do you navigate fear in pursing passions? This episode covers all that and how to use both introspection and experimentation to integrate passion into your life. Grr tiger, go get 'em. 



This episode I dug deep, ripped out my guts, and really our collective guts and laid it bare to be seen. The guts are our inner desire to be wanted, claimed and possessed and all that we do to get it. I'll talk through the the primal link between survival and social acceptance, the pattern of yearning that plagues us all, and "spiritual dispossession" (feeling like we fell from God) as contributing factors. I cover how to become aware, how to reclaim your power and how to possess yourself. It's a good one.


Episode 010: What are the Stories we Sell Ourselves?

This episode explores the power of the narratives that play out on the inside of our minds. What we, not only tell ourselves, but how we convince ourselves, sell ourselves, of a certain "truth" that can limit our power, that can create self-doubt and playing small. I'll explore the belief systems upon which those narratives are based and how to change our self-talk to empower ourselves and live a life we believe in.