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Ready to become a more potent and authentic version of you? This framework will get you there.



To expand life, you must start from within. A series of sessions to solve any life challenge will take us through the following framework:

Inner solidity

The 4 levels of inner solidity create a strong foundation upon which future expansion can be built.

  1. Core Safety: we evaluate your system of inner safety, self-worth and belonging

  2. Mental Mastery: Are you stuck in repetitive mental loops? Is your mind in charge? how flexible is your mind? We enhance your mental operating system

  3. Emotional Intelligence: we connect you to your emotional body and see the gift of feeling

  4. Heart Fluency: we unpack beliefs, desires and fears in order to understand the power of the heart as a cognitive, decision-making tool

Spiritual Integration

What is your origin spirit? What is your connection to spirituality? Here, we create perspectives and practices to integrate spirituality in a way that is relevant and appropriate to where you are, what you believe and how you choose to live.

Outer Expansion

  1. Conceptualize: now we enter the quantum field of possibility to conceptualize how you’re ready to expand to solve the challenges you’re facing. We’ll evaluate creativity, personal connections, self-expression and life experimentation. We’ll unearth dormant aspects of self that are ready to awaken to enhance your life.

  2. Refine: Then, we focus in on the option that our hearts truly want and we are ready for

  3. Commit: Finally, we develop a plan that boldly and clearly takes concept into everyday practice

Areas of focus

Include: identity expansion, life purpose, career coaching, life transition and reinvention, executive presence, artistic development, creative living, authentic leadership, understanding your wholeness and lovability, living with purpose, feeling fulfilled, and more.

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Based on proprietary model developed by Sohail called the Fragmented Self - this workshops identifies the parts of self we have separated ourselves from. Either through our society/culture/upbringing, or through fear or through our own attempts to belong or "perfect" ourselves. We understand ourselves in deeper ways and expand our concept of who we are.

"I've had the opportunity and honor of taking Sohail's Life Design course. The course and the time with Sohail have been trans-formative for me. I find that with each exercise I have a deeper awareness and appreciation for myself, the people in my life, and all the beauty life has to offer. Wherever you find yourself in life, I encourage you to take the course, do the work, and spend the time with the incredibly gifted human being, Sohail. " Jessica, 38, San Diego, CA, USA



You’ve heard the call to do something positive for the world and you’ve answered it. You’re a healer, teacher, social-impact entrepreneur, artist, dancer, musician, etc who have committed to honoring yourself and honoring the world. You’ve gotten clear on your offering, and have been actively doing it. But sometimes you wonder why you’re doing it, what are the sacrifices for, if you know how to receive as much as you give, if you’re using your whole self to do it in a way that only you can...then this workshop is for you. We’ll strengthen the energetic spine that holds up your calling.

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Inherently, we are creative beings - it is our natural state. But certain conditions in life can inhibit that: fear of failure or rejection, fear of being seen or laughed at, perfectionism, thinking too small about ourselves or not really understanding ourselves deeply. These conditions can be created through our upbringing and culture or through our own self-perception. This workshop tackles those aspects to set you free to become the creative being you have always been.

  1. Self Understanding: we explore how you are creative today, how you were creative as a child and how the creative spirit wants to express itself now.

  2. Creative Breadth: we expand the vocabulary of what it means to be creative. From specific crafts to ideas, we broaden the understanding to open potentialities.

  3. Fear: we inventory them, the power it has in our lives and techniques to negotiate it

  4. Experimentation: Anchoring our efforts in a system of experimentation and play is fundamental to creative success. We learn how to be creative with a childlike spirit.

  5. Commitment: once you start, you can’t stop. We understand strategies of commitment, navigating our own inner avoider and real-life challenges. The goal is to become the artist of our lives where the creative spirit is strong and vital - no matter what we do or who we are.

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Calling Collaborators: An immersive workshop that weaves together dance, physical movement, music and shamanic journeying in order to get inspired, connect to artistic community, understand ourselves and be seen as creative, sensual beings. I’m looking for artistic collaborators to create this day long workshop - anywhere in the world.