“Fostering a creative environment and investing in people separate companies who thrive and innovate and companies who don’t. When your product is your people, an investment in people is an investment in growth.”

-Sohail Coelho



Wth over 15 years experience leading interdisciplinary teams at Fortune 100 companies like American Express to teaching workshops on leadership and employee development, Sohail readies leaders for the modern age of business. 



Leaders today as asked to do more: Lead highly successful teams. Mentor their people. Communicate effectively and charismatically. Think strategically. Act decisively. In order to do this all effectively and balance a healthy personal life, leaders need to be operating at a high level. Using a model developed by Sohail called Regenerative Leadership - we focus on the harmonic balance of a leader’s three main centers - mind, heart and action. Using a diagnostic process, we uncover primary tendencies and blindspots. We bring the three centers into greater balance enabling authentic, effective and charismatic leadership. We arrive at a leadership state where work and life feed each other into a system that continuously regenerates leaders for long-term, sustainable impact and joy. Contact Sohail for more details.


"I worked directly with Sohail for 5 years and saw first hand the results he achieves through bringing creative brilliance to a process that works. He is bottom-line oriented, organized and will make an impact quickly. I would highly recommend Sohail to any company or person looking for breakthrough ideas."Luke Gebb, SVP, American Express


There is an opportunity to expand HR – beyond the policies and systems to take care of people into actively growing people. Build a system of whole human development that enables innovative thinking, nimble skill development and inspired living. After having successfully built this system at Instrument, Sohail consults innovative organizations on how to build a Human Development system that reflects their needs.

Talk/Workshop: "People are your growth strategy: building a Human Development discipline"

Created for and taught at the 2018 Soda Academy in New York City, a workshop for business owners to understand the foundational principles of human development, the series of components that bring it to life and exercises to determine how you could build an HD discipline to ignite your growth. 

"Sohail is incredibly brilliant at taking abstract ideas, chaos, and bringing them together form a logical structured solution. His passion for achieving that success is unparalleled."

Image: Jordan Egstad,

Image: Jordan Egstad,


Vibrant environments create great work. Role clarity empowers people. Transparency generates followership. Values demonstrate integrity. There is a new age of business where the products and services you offer are as important as the process and environment that goes into making them. The sustainable “how”; the conscious “why”. These are important to uncover, clarify, document and live by. Organizational consulting services include:

  • Values-based culture

  • Values-based decision-making

  • Organizational structure - roles, workflow, systems

  • Employee development

  • Circular Regenerative processes

  • From growth oriented mindset to a collective wellbeing mindset

Contact Sohail for more details. Any of these approaches for an organization must first begin with a discovery period to understand challenges and goals and then a specific programming proposal will be created.