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It has taken years of learning, traveling, studying, meditating, breaking down, rebuilding, breaking down again and rebuilding again to finally become me. And what I have found is that who I am is a limitless concept. Being the most authentic and potent version of myself is both an act of love and an act of war. It takes practice, commitment, deep self-love and a fuck-ton of strength. And this is possible for each of us. There is so much more to you than you can possibly imagine. Our identities, how we know and experience ourselves, can be expanded, enriched, deepened. And spirituality is a central pathway to becoming more you, everyday. When you know yourself as spiritual essence having an experience of living, holy shit, you are free to play the game of life differently. As an executive coach, intuitive guide, speaker and artist, I help people and purpose-driven organizations to become, grow and ride the wave of change. I’ve worked within individuals and in companies. In USA and in Europe. There’s so much more to you, let’s explore this potential together.



When you're ready for the next chapter in your evolution, you know it. When you're ready to deepen your inner world and expand your outer world, you know it. Whether 1-1 or group, Sohail has created and successfully tested dynamic programs which help people grow, transform and catalyze change.



From 1-1 Executive Coaching to programming around human development and creative ignition - Sohail helps purpose-driven, modern companies to meaningfully invest in their greatest asset - their people. An investment in people is an investment in growth.

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Free 30-minute consultations, for speaking engagements, collaborations or to understand about the classes listed here.

wendy, 29, PR Exec | NYC

"My sessions with Sohail made me realize that I was living parts of my life on auto pilot. I was trying to fit into this mold that my family and society designed for me, and I was miserable trying to keep up with everyone else's dream for what MY life should be. Sohail helped me identify my true passions, list realistic goals on how to pursue them and go out there and just do it. Sohail's experience and his understanding of the world, people, and human nature make him the ultimate life coach. LifeDesign was truly an amazing process!"

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